Insurance Auctions

Insurance companies used to deal directly with junkyards, often selling salvage cars for scrap yard, rock-bottom prices. The hardest part for the insurance company was putting a price tag on a damaged product. How can you put a dollar figure on a vehicle with an unknown amount of damage? In many cases, several hours of inspection by a skilled mechanic would be needed to know exactly how much it would cost to fully repair a salvage vehicle. Now insurance companies have a new tool to help recover these losses - the insurance auction (also known as salvage auctions).

Salvage auctions nationwide now get hundreds of these vehicles directly from the insurance companies each and every week. These auctions include a wide variety of salvage and rebuildable cars, motorcycles and trucks. You can also find other repairable motor vehicles like RVs, ATVs and Boats. These auctions can be attended by motor vehicle and parts dealers only. Now, Global Auto Exports brings these insurance auctions directly to the public.

Thanks to the salvage auctions, many insurance companies can now let the market establish the price for these repairable and parts-only vehicles. Sometimes insurance companies will set a type of reserve price on a particular vehicle. If the bidding does not reach this price, the insurance company has the right to accept or decline the highest bid. There is never a shortage of vehicles for sale. Insurance companies are constanly receving new vehicles as a result of accidents, storms and floods, as well as theft recoveries. If you cant find the car your looking for this week, check back in a few days, or sign up for our vehicle notification system. We will let you know via email just as soon as the car you're looking for becomes available.


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